Top 09 Secret WordPress Quiz Plugins

Best system of responses and ultimately generating results by adapting such Plugins to our site. Now WordPress Quiz Plugins are one of the biggest secrets now we are revealing and showing the people about its benefits to use. As the term getting the users to visit the website and then required to make your site sticky right enough for the visitors to stay and then get engage with the writing information. As the WordPress Plugins can greatly simplify the exact process of creating and managing the quizzes and making easy to get with different multiple questions types on their own.

The WordPress Pro Quiz

We have over twenty thousands active installs and a four point six star rating including in it. WordPress or WP plugin is the one of most famous WP Quiz plugins available. In the WordPress plugins we have it is best in plugin repository.

WordPress Quiz and Survey Master

Basic thing is as formally known as the quiz and survey master next to us like Quiz and Survey master excellent option for WordPress Quizzes. We can have lots more as with over the nine thousands installs and 4.9 ratings of it on the web through the Google.


For us SlickQuiz despite as not being updated into a single year it is an attractive option for the simple quizzes and then based on the SlickQuiz or the jQuery plugin in WordPress. Now it has right over the five thousands active installs and a great ratio of stasfaction star as 4.7 on web.

mTouch Quiz

as applicable to solve certain issues in our routine capacity of work, designed with the touch screen usage in the mind actually so as the mTouch plugin in WordPress is a quick and simple way to add the quiz to a page you need.

The FSQM Pro

Main and the first premium only as a plugin on the list but at only the short price is well worth and then the expense for the features is packs with FSQM Pro. It has been working to support over the 4 thousand times and available in 4.37 star rating on the code for us.


Three thousand and above active installs and the higher rating from the web is coming for the Watu and it is absolutely solid alternative into the quiz space in WordPress for us. Even for the new users of WordPress will be helpful more as a source of support.

Viral Quiz Builder

Lifeblood to all quiz builders and from the team right behind comes viral Quiz builder a nice plugin targeted at site owners wanting to use quizzes. At the beginning plugin is targeted at the owners demand to use the quizzes to drive the conversions and segment their attention towards the leads.


At the current time OpinionStage is the main hosted option in our list of quiz plugins and then as the other basic plans is absolutely free and helpful for WordPress users. Nicely there are over the ten thousand installs of the WordPress plugin and being used to integrate opinion stage right with WordPress sites.


Attractive hosted options known as the Riddle and it is the only approximately one hundred installs currently for us. Early users have given a five star ratio as the best options for hosted to users and free WordPress Plugin is needed to integrated with WordPress.

Takesapp in all circumstances gets stand out to serve the things as per requirement of new users, as to deliver them the apps for their needs and also is to make them successful for complete future career brighter.

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